The Mozartkino Cinema at the Altstadthotel Kasererbräu in Salzburg

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The Mozartkino

At the Altstadthotel Kasererbräu

The Mozartkino

At the Altstadthotel Kasererbräu

The Mozartkino

At the Altstadthotel Kasererbräu

Probably the Oldest Cinema in the World!

The Mozartkino at the Altstadthotel Kasererbräu

Films have been watched on the Mozartkino’s screens since 1905. This makes it one of the first and oldest cinemas in the world, which you can immediately feel upon entering this unique cinema.

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The history of the Mozartkino – you can find out more on the cinema website and on Wikipedia

In a Room in What is now the Altstadthotel

In 1918, the Mozartkino was made part of the Altstadthotel Kasererbräu

In 1905, around 230 Salzburgers gathered in a room at what is now the Altstadthotel Kasererbräu to stare in fascination at the moving pictures presented by Georg Barth as part of his ‘Original Electro Biograph’. In 1907,  F.X. Fried brought his cinematography to the Kasererbräu.

In 1918, the Mozartkino was made part of the Kasererbräu. The film festival gave this young company an international reputation. Bombs destroyed the original building during the Second World War.

Premiere of Sissi at the Mozartkino

The people of Salzburg were allowed back in their Mozartkino on 23.12.1950

The newly built cinema holds 540 people and boasts the latest technology. The people of Salzburg thronged to the Mozartkino cinema for the premiere of ‘Sissi’ in 1956. Not just for the film – but also for Romy Schneider, who was there in person for the premiere of her film. She spent the night in room 323 at the Altstadthotel Kasererbräu. The hand-painted bed where she spent the night is still there in her room at the end of the hall. Luis Trenker also personally attended the premiere of his film on 05.12.1962 at the Mozartkino in Salzburg. As well as Romy Schneider and Luis Trenker, many other stars have visited the Mozartkino and stayed the night at the Altstadthotel Kasererbräu afterwards:

  • Maria Schell stayed in room 324
  • Atilla Hörbiger
  • Joe Stöckl
  • Toni Sailer

… to name but a few.

A Piece of Ancient Rome at the Mozartkino

In Roman times, Salzburg was one of the most important settlements to the north of the Alps, not least due to its good geographical location at the edge of this huge mountain range.

When carrying out renovation work in 1987, the team stumbled upon the remains of historic Roman walls. Dated to around 200 BC, the wall is located in the Roman room next to the cinema screen. This is a real one-off, making the Mozartkino one of the most historic cinemas in the world for two reasons.

Your Cinema for Hire

Whether you’re planning an open public showing or a special event.

Whether you’re planning an open public showing or a special event like a birthday, wedding, work party or more with a short film, a photo show or a lecture that needs a special ambience, the Mozartkino will provide the perfect backdrop for your special event and can be booked from €170 per hour.

The following technical equipment is available in both rooms:

digital projectors (DCP), 35mm projector, HD projector, Blu-ray player, DVD player, microphone, microphone headset, 5.1 cinema system, TV signal for live transmissions

Your contact: Alexander Krammer 0662-84 22 22

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Since it opened in 1905, the Mozartkino cinema has played host to many classics of the big screen. The Mozartkino is now one of the last real classic cinemas left in the world, and looks back on a rich history in film.

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