Recognize the beauty of Salzburg in just 24 hours?

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Getting the maximum out of 24 hours in Salzburg

22. May 2019 0

Sightseeing at every turn.

Capture the charm and beauty of Salzburg in just 24 hours? What sounds like an uncomfortable sightseeing marathon is, in reality, a slow drive through the historic (old) city on the Salzach. Because here, you will find sights, baroque sites, stone houses, small shops, cozy cafés, and traditional restaurants at every turn. Our tip for you: just follow your feelings and keep an eye on the fixed points we have summarized for you. You’ll be well on your way and will make the most of your (tight) time. Also, this day trip makes you want to meet again!

The small alleys …

Of Salzburg are full of historical details. Those who drift through the old town while keeping their eyes open will discover inscriptions from past centuries, low passages, hidden corners, arcades in the upper floors, quiet inner courtyards and lots of timeless architectural landmarks. With a little imagination, you’ll see the people of past times in flowing dresses, opulent robes and elegant horse-drawn carriages passing by in the alleys and streets.

In the Getreidegasse …

You’re practically in the “main street” of Salzburg’s old town. Already in Roman times, this street was one of the most important routes – nothing has changed about that until today. Salzburgers and tourists alike meet here. A unique feature of Getreidegasse: all guild signs above the shops are based on historical models to preserve the charm of the alley.

Mozart’s birthplace …

Located in Getreidegasse 9, between 1747 and 1773 the Mozart family lived here in an apartment on the third floor. The exhibition in the house is mainly dedicated to the life of the middle class at the end of the 18th century. Also, Mozart’s first violin, various pieces of clothing, furniture, and letters from the child prodigy can be seen.

Many traditional cafés …

Invite you to take a break. Sit down, take some time – she seems to have stopped here – and enjoy the refined variations of cakes, tarts, and coffee. We recommend, e.g., the Café Tomaselli, the Café Fürst, the Café Niemetz, the Café Sacher, das Café Demel, and Café Shakespeare. By the way: An excellent opportunity to take sweet souvenirs with you!

The Salzburger Dom …

Is already a sight from the outside. It is framed by the residence and the ore monastery St. Peter. At the Domplatz itself, the “Everyman” is performed at the Salzburg Festival, whereby the facade of the cathedral is part of the scenery.

At the Sebastianfriedhof …

You have to be less afraid, you’re more amazed. Because here, the history of Salzburg becomes really “alive.” Most visitors come because of the tomb of the Mozart family, but also the graves of many Salzburg aristocrats of the 19th century, the mausoleum of Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich and the many weathered tombs are worth a visit at this place of retreat, which has been spared the zeitgeist.

At Mozartplatz …

You can take a deep breath. This place in the heart of the city is undoubtedly one of the most wide open spaces in Salzburg. In its center is a statue of Salzburg’s most famous residence, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The Festung Hohen Salzburg …

Is enthroned high above the city. It is often referred to as the most massive fortress in Central Europe – it is definitely the landmark of the city of Salzburg! From its fortress walls, you have a breathtaking view of the town and the Salzach. Movement-hungry visitors walk up. If you prefer a more cozy atmosphere, take the elevator to the fortress.

The Museum of Modern Art (MdM) …

Is it the highest level and offers an indescribable overview of the city of Mozart. Since 2004, some special exhibitions have been staged here on around 2,300 m2 of exhibition space. With the restaurant M32, the MdM also offers a favorite culinary meeting place for lunch and dinner.

The list of Salzburg attractions could be continued for as long as you like. But one thing is sure: within only 24 hours, visitors to this city become a fascinated, amazed, delighted, surprised, and above all, enthusiastic part of the town. The Altstadthotel Kasererbräu – is located directly in the pedestrian zone, and only a few minutes’ walks to the most famous sights. It is the ideal base for a city trip to Salzburg. And it has been since 1342!

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