Salzburger Rupertikirtag 20.09.2019 – 24.09.2019

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Salzburger Rupertikirtag 20.–24.9.2019

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Historical flair and regional specialties.

The Rupertikirtag (Friday, 20 to Tuesday, 24 September 2019) is a fixed event in Salzburg’s calendar of events. Its actual name is “Salzburger Domweihfest zu Ruperti,” but it has become established linguistically in the short form “Rupertikirtag.” The festive day in the old town is equally popular with visitors and locals from the city and the province of Salzburg because the Rupertikirtag in autumn sees itself as a traditional and down-to-earth to the high musical culture of the various Salzburg festivals during the summer.

Fun in the city center

Since the Rupertikirtag is the cathedral consecration celebration, the centrally located cathedral square is the focus of the festivities. But also, the other places around the cathedral are included in the activities and the program. The visitors are offered a colorful hustle and bustle and lots of variety for the whole family:

  • Lively customs from town and country, e.g. folk music
  • Only historical rides
  • Crafts market
  • Pawlatschentheater
  • Marquee with brass music
  • Traditional cuisine

A crowd-puller

In other words: the Rupertikirtag is a festival full of joy and joie de vivre. And in the middle of the historic old town, it has an extraordinary flair. The numerous craftsmen, carnies, market drivers as well as music and customs groups revive the old fair tradition and inspire year after year a total of around 150,000 visitors (also from all over the world).

The highlights at a glance

An interesting detail: At the Rupertikirtag only historical rides are operated. Some of them are almost 200 years old and have already given pleasure to several generations of visitors. The chain carousel, for example, dates from 1848 and is only used on Rupertikirtag in Salzburg. The Pawlatschen stage was reconstructed, especially for theatre performances on Rupertikirtag. The craft trades presented are today already “extinct,” but will be performed very vividly again on Rupertikirtag. The feather quill stickers, sackers, hatters, and papermakers (where you can make your handmade paper) are especially popular with children. Don’t forget to take your camera with you!

The physical well-being

Yes, the Rupertikirtag in Salzburg is a culinary event. According to the regional home-style food, roast chicken, roast ox, dumpling specialties, but also venison and Steckerlfisch are offered. The dishes are, of course, accompanied by refreshing specialties from the Salzburg breweries. In other words: the physical well-being is well taken care of!

More exciting details

The traditional Hanswurst is considered the unofficial mascot of Rupertikirtag. He (portrayed by Werner Dürnberger) is hanging around during the day on Kirtag. But he also has essential “official” tasks: he opens and closes the Rupertikirtag by raising the market flag and finally catching up again. Those who want to escape the colorful hustle and bustle of the Salzburg Kirtag in the meantime will find variety in the cathedral. Since this is (also) the cathedral dedication festival, many festive masses take place in the cathedral, of which St. Rupert, the eponym of the festival and at the same time also Salzburg’s patron saint, is of course remembered. By the way: September 24th is also the national holiday. Most shops and offices remain closed – one more reason to let yourself be driven through the market!

Enjoy the “Ruperti-Dult” – as the people of Salzburg call the Rupertikirtag!

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