Spring events in the town on the Salzach

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Spring events in the town on the Salzach

22. May 2019 0

There’s always something going on in Salzburg!

With all modesty: Salzburg is indeed worth a visit at any time. Because there’s always something going on here that you shouldn’t miss – apart from the beautiful days, evenings and nights in the old streets and alleys of the old town. We have put together an overview of the current festivals and events that you can experience here in Salzburg City in spring and early summer.

Easter Festival in Salzburg – 13-22 April 2019

The founder of the Salzburger Easter Festival was none other than Herbert von Karajan. He aimed to fulfill “unconditionally the highest artistic quality” – which the Berliner Philharmoniker did between 1967 and 2012 and the Saxon Staatskapelle Dresden since 2013. From the very beginning, the Salzburg Easter Festival was conceived as an exclusive, independent, and almost family festival.

In fact, around 88% of the financial resources come from private sources, which (since Karajan) guarantees a high degree of programmatic and artistic independence. The top locations in Salzburg act as venues: the large Festspielhaus, the large hall of the Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg, the massive university auditorium and the sponsors’ lounge of the festival.

Pfingstfestspiele in Salzburg – 7.–10. Jun. 2019

The Salzburg Pfingstfestspiele are (thematically) closely linked to the Easter Festival. They were also founded in 1973 by Herbert von Karajan to fulfill the card wishes of potential Easter Festival subscribers. The festival is currently directed by the Italian singer Cecilia Bartoli. This year, 2019, the comparatively small and exclusive Whitsun Festival will be dedicated to the theme “Voci celesti – Heavenly Voices” in memory of the celebrated castrato voices of history. At the center of the four-day Whitsun Festival is the new production of the opera “Alcina” by Georg Friedrich Händel with Cecilia Bartoli in the title role. Cecilia Bartoli succeeded in bringing the Pontifical Choir of the Sistine Chapel – one of the oldest, most famous and at the same time most exclusive music ensembles in the world – to Salzburg. Even critics praise this coup in the highest tones!

Long Night of Choirs at the Mozartkino – 29 May 2019

Visit the largest choir event in Austria – with us in Salzburg! Already for the seventh time, the long night of choirs takes place in the old town of Salzburg. At 18 different venues, 66 choirs perform in the city with varied and absolutely worth listening to choir concerts. Also the traditional Mozartkino – directly in the cellar of the Altstadthotel Kasererbräu – offers a stage for five different choir events. At 19.30 for the “Lainerhof Quartet,” at 20.00 for “vocal orange,” at 20.30 for the “Comedian Charmonists,” at 21.00 for “Super Upper voice” and at 21.30 for the “Ensemble 2741”. Admission is free, the principle is “first come, first serve.”

Traditional “Setting up the May Tree” – 01. May 2019

The setting up of the May tree simply belongs to May. Accordingly, on this day many May trees are set up at different locations within the city – e.g., in the Stiegl-Brauwelt, in Salzburger Freilichtmuseum, in Aigen, or Heimathaus Maxglan.

Visitors can expect classical folk music, traditional costume groups, and beer brewed to perfection.

Cine Dine at the Mozartkino – daily

Most moviegoers order popcorn with the film. In Salzburg, we take a somewhat more culinary route and offer you “Cine Dine” at the Mozartkino – a high-quality dinner with 2 menus and a cinema ticket. In collaboration with „Cook & Wine, “ we fascinate the guests with a daily updated surprise menu, which makes Gusto on a further evening. In the end, there is a voucher for the Mozart cinema, which can be redeemed for the desired film from the line-up – ideally, of course, on the same evening. All this is available for 34.90 euros per person, table reservations at 0662/231606.

Regardless of which of these festive events you decide on, our advice is this: Take advantage of the centrally located Kasererbräu as a basis for these cultural discoveries – and the many hotspots of the city worth seeing.

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