The Sound of Music

The film that made Salzburg world famous

“From monastery to world success”. The story of Maria Trapp (née Kutschera), the former novice from the Nonnberg convent, has made it all the way to Hollywood. In 1965, Hollywood came to Salzburg to film the Trapp family story.

Maria Kutschera was a novice in the Nonnberg monastery, which is only a few minutes’ walk from the Altstadthotel Kasererbräu. The nuns sent you to Baron von Trapp, whose wife had died. Maria was supposed to take care of the Baron’s seven children. With her loving nature, she took the hearts of the children and the Baron by storm. He took Mary as his wife. Until the Anschluss to the Third Reich, the Trapps lived a harmonious family life. Singing and dancing took a big place in the life of the Trapps. Maria founded a family choir with which the Trapps performed and won a folk music competition in Salzburg.

Why the Trapp family left Salzburg

And to America went

When Baron Georg Ludwig von Trapp is forced to join the German Navy, he refuses the order and flees with his family by night and fog to Switzerland. From there, the Trapps emigrate to the USA. As the “Trapp Family Singers,” the family travels all over America to give concerts. When Maria Trapp wrote down her story in 1949, she did not yet know that this would be the material for one of the most successful musicals of all time.

The musical

Sound of Music

In the mid-1960s, the employees of 20th Century Fox Studio come to Salzburg from Hollywood. In the luggage of the book of Maria Trapp, Julie Andrews and Christoph Plummer – the main actors of the film “The Sound of Music”. The musical, which is still successful today, was filmed at the most beautiful locations in Salzburg. For example, at the Nonnberg Monastery, which towers above the Old Town Hotel Kasererbräu. The life of the Trapp family is inseparable from Salzburg. That’s why it’s especially nice that the legendary musical is being performed in Salzburg for the first time. On October 23, 2011, the musical celebrated its premiere at the Salzburg Landestheater.

Other film locations in Salzburg:

  • Nonnberg Abbey: only a few minutes away from the 4 star hotel
  • Mirabellgarten: 15 comfortable minutes walk away: here the Trapps sing the famous song “Do-Re-Mi”.
  • Mönchsberg staircase at the M32
  • Leopoldskron Castle
  • Frohnburg Castle
  • Horse float near the festival hall
  • Abbey cemetery of St. Peter: this is where the exciting pursuit takes place.
  • Hellbrunn Palace Garden: here stands today the legendary pavilion from the film