The "Pfingstfestspiele" of Salzburg

Musical treat on the Whitsun weekend

After the Summer Festival and the Easter Festival, Herbert von Karajan established the Whitsun Concerts in 1973. So if you don’t have time at Easter or in the summer, you still have the opportunity to experience exclusive festivals in Salzburg at Whitsun.

Hugo von Hofmannsthal, the founding father of the Summer Festival, already had the idea. Karajan made it a reality: To hold the festival not only in summer, but also at Easter or Whitsun. Karajan organized three orchestral concerts on Pentecost Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Only the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra performed at Whitsun in Salzburg at that time. Only after Karajan’s death were other guest concerts by international orchestras added to the program.

Karajan's Whitsun concerts went...

.. the Salzburg Whitsun Festival came

In 1997, the title “Whitsun Concerts” was given to Baden Baden and paved the way for today’s Whitsun Festival. The concept of the Salzburg Whitsun Festival is characterized by the same hallmarks as the Summer Festival and the Easter Festival: a perfect triad of exclusivity, top-class artists and distinctive venues.

The Whitsun Festival in Salzburg

Ring in the summer in Salzburg

If you not only want to visit the concerts of the Whitsun Festival, but also want to experience the flair that reigns in Salzburg at this time, the Kasererbräu is the right place to stay. The Altstadthotel is located in the immediate vicinity of the various venues of the Whitsun Festival. At the 4-star Hotel Kasererbräu you will stay centrally and at the same time only a stone’s throw away from Salzburg’s natural city mountain.

The stairway to the Fortress Hill, which then turns into the Mönchsberg, is right outside the doors of the hotel. So you can enjoy the splendor of the festival site from above during the day and immerse yourself in it in the evening.