Alcoholic drinks from Salzburg and surroundings

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Alcoholic drinks from Salzburg and surroundings

22. May 2019 1

Cheers – to your well-being!

Salzburg – both the city and the province – is known for the production of first-class (alcoholic) beverages. The history of breweries, distilleries, and distilleries often goes back centuries. Some of the recipes have remained unchanged for generations. All the more exciting it is to taste with current demands on taste and quality. We can already tell you this much: you will never be disappointed – and surprised at the end of the article!

Beer breweries

Beer has always been regarded as “liquid bread” and thus a staple food of the hard-working population. This was of course also the case in Salzburg, where the art of brewing beer has a long tradition (as in all German-speaking countries). Here we concentrate on those breweries whose reputation reaches far beyond the borders of Salzburg.

Augustiner Bräu Kloster Mülln

Local beer has been brewed and drunk at the foot of the Mönchsberg since 1621. The beer served in the Bräustübl still comes from wooden barrels and is served in heavy stone jugs. The Bräustübl – actually five halls and three rooms – is at the same time the largest beer restaurant in Austria with around 5,000 m2. A shady chestnut garden awaits guests in the outdoor area.

Stieglbrauerei at Salzburg

Already in 1492 (the year when America was discovered), the Stiegl brewery was founded as “Das Haus Bey Der Stiegen.” It is still family-owned and is managed with a clear focus on regional value creation. Close cooperation with a hop and barley growers and the commitment to “Slow Brewing” make beer connoisseurs throughout Austria and beyond fans.

Trumer private brewery

Founded in 1601 in Obertrum am See, the Trumer private brewery is now run as a family business in its eighth generation. Today, Trumer Pils is regarded as the signature beer for the entire product range. The Slow Brewing philosophy is also lived here.


High-proof is always a pleasure – and a perfect gift for those who stayed at home. The city and the province of Salzburg also offer exciting producers in this area who have dedicated themselves entirely to the fruity natural products and their consistent processing into first-class brandies.

Distillery Guglhof

In Hallein, the quality of the basic product (the fruit) and the final product (the spirits) are the most important. The fruit gets enough time to ripen, and no sugar or artificial taste is added to the distillates. The results are first-class brandies, gins, whiskeys (TauernROGG), vodkas, rum, fruit liqueurs, and bitter.

5020 Gin

The Salzburg postcode in the name already indicates the origin of this extraordinary London Dry Gin. Juniper and 22 other botanicals from purely organic cultivation produce a taste that speaks for itself. The recommendation of the producers: Enjoy the 5020 Gin best pure on the rocks.

Gin Bien

This organic Gin of the organic beekeeping Bienenlieb is currently still available in the limited first filling (only 300 bottles)! With 12 ingredients, including berries, fruits, herbs, honey and wax, this gin in a matt lacquered stoneware bottle is particularly effective. The specific recommendation for the perfect gin tonic: Lobsters Tonic, also from Salzburg.

Liqueurs and more

Sweet and fruity is an indispensable part of any bar assortment. Here, too, there are producers in both Salzburg City and the province of Salzburg who bring new taste into the bottle.

Mozart Spirits

The Salzburg-based company now produces a wide range of the popular Mozart liqueur Mozart Chocolate Cream: White Chocolate Vanilla Cream, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Strawberry and Chocolate Spirit are now also available as clear vodka distillates.

Sporer Liqueur and Punch Manufactory

Production began in 1903, and the parent company has been located at Salzburger Getreidegasse 7 since 1905. In addition to the house mix, the elderflower liqueur, the Mocca liqueur, the first orange punch, the Williams pear brandy, and the Swiss stone pine schnapps, “at Sporer” also offers a wide range of selected wines, gins and whiskeys, regional distillates and innovative products from small producers to discover.


The “Woif” is a beer boiler, distiller, and cider press all in one. In Seekirchen is Wallersee, Pale Ales are produced from old grain varieties, honey wine based on local beekeeping products, fruity, sparkling apple wine from our pressing and, of course, brandies from the entire fruity yield.

Red Bull

Honestly: Red Bull is not an alcoholic drink, but the energy drink (and all its variations) is too important to be left out in a list of drinks in the Salzburger Land. Since Red Bull came onto the Austrian market on 1 April 1987, more than 75 billion cans have been sold worldwide to date. The headquarters of the globally active group is still located in Fuschl am See, and the Red Bull media house, which is also active worldwide, is based in Wals near Salzburg.

Red Bull Energy Drink

The classic energy drink with the proven gummy bear taste has become an integral part of every bar. It is now also available as Sugarfree and Zero Calories editions. Mixed with vodka or other alcoholic drinks, the classic Red Bull is a fixed starter at any party.

Organics by Red Bull

Also, non-alcoholic refreshments in the flavors Lemon, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water and Simply Cola complete the Red Bull taste range. They are particularly suitable for mixing with bar drinks.


Not to drink, but to take off: The Red Bull flyer chocolate has particularly high caffeine content, and we are thus living up to the group’s energy image. You can find more information at

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