Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Salzburg

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Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Salzburg

22. May 2019 0

Taste it all across town.

Salzburg has much more to offer in culinary terms than Mozartkugeln. If you like, you could try your hand right across the city on your tour through Salzburg – in all gastronomic directions, from simple to exclusive and from rustic to modern and elegant. Here – in the most real sense of the word – there is something for every taste. If you are planning a pleasure tour through the city, we have summarized here a few (personal) fixed points for orientation, sorted according to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Of course, these restaurants offer you selected delicacies all day long …

For breakfast, we have chosen something exotic, something classic, and something cozy.

  • In the Afro Café (Bürgerspitalplatz 5), the colorful decor already has a stimulating effect. Also, there are scents of oriental spices and freshly brewed Fairtrade coffee. In addition to classics such as jam, ham, cheese, and fresh pastries, there are also sweet couscous, hummus, omelet with harissa and exotic fruit salad — a tasteful voyage of discovery.
  • The Ludwig – The Burger Restaurant (Linzer Gasse 39) in the old town, there are also culinary paths far away from the well-trodden ways of traditional bread, marmalade, and melange. Most of the ingredients come from the region, and the Dinzler coffee is particularly worth mentioning. French toast, poached egg, baked beans, and avocado bread get the palate going early in the morning – and are also a feast for the eyes.
  • In the cozy Café Würfelzucker (Griesgasse 13) you have breakfast just like in your childhood and youth with mum. It starts with Gmundner ceramic tableware with the green stripes and doesn’t end with homemade steam biscuits. In between, the sugar cubes with breakfast classics from Austria, salmon, strudel and nut croissants are convincing. Everything at fair domestic prices.

For lunch, it may be a little more seated. We have chosen restaurants for you which convince by their fantastic location (high above the city), their historical environment or their long tradition.

  • The M32 (Mönchsberg 32) The M32 is enthroned high above Salzburg in the Museum der Moderne, the restaurant is also dedicated to modernity. The view through the glass facade is unrivaled, the furnishings extraordinary, the cuisine creative, original, with regional roots and already a hood awarded.
  • The same applies to the panorama restaurant of Hohensalzburg Fortress. (Mönchsberg 34) , which naturally presents itself historically. Here, too, visitors enjoy an excellent view of the city’s roofs. The menu includes Austrian and international specialties, which can also be enjoyed on the terrace in summer.
  • The Café Mozart (Getreidegasse 22) also offers an exciting mixture of coffee house and restaurant, tourists, and genuine Salzburgers for lunch. So businesspeople and young families. Mozart is at least as famous for its curd cheese strudel and cakes as for its restaurant classics and spicy lunch menu. Here you are in the right place if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center without leaving it.

In the evening, it may be creative and exclusive, classic Salzburg, or the Italian Mediterranean. Here we offer you three completely different restaurants.

  • The Restaurant Ikarus Hangar-7 (Wilhelm-Spazier-Straße 7a), is probably the most spectacular location in Salzburg where you can have a meal. In addition to technical delicacies such as airplanes and racing cars, you will be spoiled with haute cuisine from all over the world. Every month a different top chef proves his skills and provides a variety of tastes at the highest level.
  • In the restaurant Zum Wilden Mann (Getreidegasse 20) you can let yourself be pampered. Here you’ll find mainly down-to-earth Austrian and Salzburg cuisine at surprisingly fair prices (for the city center). Also, the public is mixed and consists of locals as well as guests from near and far, who appreciate quality and ambiance.
  • The Mediterranean in the Restaurant Wasserfall (Linzergasse 10). The cozy ambiance is dedicated to pure enjoyment, and a small waterfall rushes through the restaurant. Quality and authenticity are at the forefront of the Mediterranean, mainly Italian cuisine. The bar invites you to end the evening with a good glass.

The Kasererbräu is the perfect base for your culinary round trip through Salzburg. It is located directly in the pedestrian zone in the old town. An excellent opportunity to either whet your appetite with a short walk or to stretch your legs a little after a meal.

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