Gastronomic experiences in and from Salzburg

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Gastronomic experiences in and from Salzburg

22. May 2019 0

The traditional Salzburg cuisine – and more …

A journey is always associated with culinary discoveries. This is of course also the case in Salzburg – here you can try and enjoy lots of authentic and refined, spicy and sweet delicacies. Many of these dishes and recipes have been handed down for generations (and sometimes a little updated and individualized). We would like to give you a taste and simply describe some of the traditional Salzburg specialties. Why don’t you come to us and try yourself through …

Spicy and hearty

As a city on the most important European trade route from north to south, Salzburg has never lacked first-class ingredients for its cuisine. In addition to salt (hence the name), spices, wine, cheese, lard, fish and many other spices were also traded and worked in.


The (Wiener) Schnitzel is also culinary at home in Salzburg. In contrast to Vienna, here a little cranberry jam forms a sweet contrast to the spicy baked meat – originally from veal, but now increasingly from pork.


Small dumplings made of a dough of flour and eggs are cooked in boiling water. The cashew dumplings are mixed with Salzburg mountain cheese, and onion pieces steamed in butter and served as the main strengthening course after a long day of discovery through Salzburg.

(The best) Bosna

Contrary to what his name suggests, this sausage specialty was actually invented in Salzburg. A Bosna is a kind of hot dog, consisting of grilled pork sausages, onions and fresh parsley, which is placed between two slices of white bread with a secret spice mixture. With the “Balkan Grill” in Getreidegasse 33, we reveal a confidential tip for a hearty snack in the middle of the city center.

Sweet and fluffy

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the Fürsterzbischof and the people of Salzburg cannot be wrong: life is no fun without sweets on the menu. As a city of high culture, Salzburg has a range of the most delicate desserts to offer.

Salzburger Nockerl

Really successful Salzburger Nockerl is voluminous, tender yellow and incredibly light on the tongue. They are a classic on almost every menu in the cafés of the Getreidegasse and the city’s restaurants. But they are not that easy to make. The main ingredients are “only” eggs and sugar, but the difficulty lies in the creation of the airy egg foam bubbles. Far too many cooks have already collapsed after baking. The trick: Do not open the oven during baking! Did you know where the shape of the Salzburger Nockerl comes from? They are supposed to represent Salzburg’s snow-covered local mountains. To the honor of the Mönchsberg, the Kapuzinerberg, and the Gaisberg!


Salzburger Bauernkrapfen really has something to offer for every taste. Because this fresh yeast pastry can be served in sweet variations – e.g., with icing sugar, jam, honey, and whipped cream – or in a distinctive way – with sauerkraut, cheese or bacon. It is essential that the yeast dough rests sufficiently and is baked floating in oil or clarified butter until the doughnuts have a beautiful golden yellow color.


Like the Wiener Schnitzel (see above), the Sachertorte is also a national specialty – it is also at home in Salzburg – not only in the Hotel Sacher. Lots of chocolate with fresh jam makes this Austrian classic a real treat, preferably accompanied by fresh coffee.

Other desserts and sweets

It’s these little things that make life worth living. The Salzburg confectioners make it easy for you to spoil yourself again and again with sweet surprises.


Salzburg confectioner Paul Fürst received the good ball in 1890, for which he won a gold medal at the Paris exhibition in 1905. Even today, the balls are produced by hand in the family business according to a traditional recipe and manufacturing process.

The delicious, sweet balls are made from pistachios, nougat, and marzipan and are now considered one of the city’s landmarks. Mirabell and other manufacturers offer excellent Mozartkugeln, which are often bought as souvenirs for those who stayed at home.

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