The famous Mozartkino - in the old town of Salzburg

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Go to Mozart’s, probably the oldest cinema in Europe.

22. May 2019 0

In the historic old town of Salzburg, there is a lot of sightseeing that should not be missed during a city trip. The fortress Hohensalzburg, the Mozarthaus, and the cathedral are only some of these hotspots that cannot be missed. Somewhat more inconspicuous – because “well” hidden in Salzburg’s underground – the Salzburger Mozartkino at Kaigasse 33, probably the oldest cinema in Europe.

Wonderworld since 1905

Since 1905, the screen in the Mozartkino has enchanted its audience (in the meantime, two old halls are being used for up to 262 visitors). The atmosphere in the rooms cannot be compared with any of the major cinemas in Salzburg (or anywhere else in the world). Here every architectural detail is appreciated, cared for, and protected – this starts at the entrance and does not stop at the mural paintings in the cinemas.

A piece of Rome in Salzburg

A unique detail appeared in 1987 in the course of renovation work: Remains of historic Roman walls built around 2,000 years ago. The Mozartkino took this discovery as an opportunity to call the cinema “Römersaal” and to integrate this historical insight into the architectural ensemble: The piece of wall is staged in a prominent location to the left of the screen. It is such (historical) details that make cineasts from all over the world (and of course also Salzburg film lovers) come to Mozart’s cinema in a targeted manner. Because here they can expect much more than “just” a film. Here you will find a harmonious overall experience!

Celebrities and stars

Of course, moviemakers and actors are also aware of this, and they always like to come to Mozart’s cinema to talk to the audience before and after premieres or gala screenings. Stars such as Romy Schneider, Luis Trenker, Atilla Hörbiger, Toni Sailer and many others have used the Mozartkino for performances away from the screen – some of them have chosen the Kasererbräu (just above the cinemas) as a cozy base for their stay in Salzburg.

Our movie tip for you:

Plan some time during your stay in Salzburg to have a look at “something different.” The Mozartkino is the ideal location when the famous Salzburg Schnürlregen (light, steady, and long-lasting) falls from the sky. Then you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a cinematic world and simply forget the tourist hustle and bustle for about two hours. You will also meet real Salzburgers, who can give you further tips for your time in the beautiful Mozart city.

Unique and up-to-date

Despite – or because of – its history, the Mozartkino is a modern and trendy meeting place. This is where the latest films play, which also attract international attention. The historical environment gives the visit to the cinema a special touch and makes the film experience virtually unique. Which great cinema in the world could claim this?

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