Kaserer(ge)breu - the beer for the Kasererbräu

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The beer for Kasererbräu

The Altstadthotel Kasererbräu in Salzburg is now “again“ serving its beer!

The history of the Salzburg Old Town Hotel “Kasererbräu“ goes far back into the past. Around 650 years after the hotel was first mentioned, it brews its beer again and serves it to its guests!

The “primal rock“ of Salzburg’s gastronomy scene

First mentioned in a document in 1342

The Altstadthotel Kasererbräu is considered (literally) the “primal rock” of Salzburg’s gastronomy scene. The house itself was first mentioned in a document in 1342, the first brewery at this location dates back to the 16th century. In 1526 a certain Georg Stellner founded the brewery, in 1713 the guests visit the “Kässerers Würthsbehausung beim weißen Löwen,” in 1775 the “Kasererbräu” is named for the first time – at that time one of eleven middle-class breweries in the city of Salzburg. Various structural and architectural extensions followed. Cinema films have been presented at this location since 1905.

Today’s Mozartkino is already regarded as a Salzburg cinema institution. In 1987, remnants of historic Roman walls were found in the cellar halls during construction work, which was subsequently visibly integrated on the left side of the Römer-Saal. In other words: the modern Kasererbräu – owned by the Giebisch family in the third generation – looks back on a long history, which managing director Alexander Krammer now transfers to the present.

The beer should match the lightness of the city. With a volume of 4.9%, it is also possible to enjoy another glass. Its possible slight turbidity results from natural filtration, which preserves particularly excellent beer components in the beer.

The “Kaserer(ge)bräu” – the name of the beer – is brewed as full organic beer. All ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation according to the philosophy of Gusshaus master brewer Reinhold Barta.

Since production and bottling take place under one roof at the Gusshaus brewery, it is also ensured that the new Kaserer(ge)bräu only covers the shortest distances between the brewing vat and the bar. The collection and quality control is always carried out personally by Alexander Krammer – “This is also part of the regional tradition of our company.”

Gusswerk as brewery partner

A tasteful voyage of discovery

Kasererbräu relies on the many years of beer expertise of the Gusswerk brewery. Mastermind and master brewer Reinhold Barta is behind the Salzburg organic brewery, whose trademark for more than ten years has been the production and bottling of beer produced sustainably and biodynamically. Kasererbräu Managing Director Alexander Krammer explains: “With the Gusswerk brewery we have found a partner who can reconcile our traditional and modern demands. The numerous awards for the brewery and the master brewer confirm that quality and independence have priority here – just as we do in the Altstadthotel”.

Tradition since 1342

Information about “Kaserer(ge)bräu“

  • Biological beer
  • Available in 0,33l bottles
  • Alk. 4.9%Vol.
  • Slight turbidity due to natural filtration possible
  • Barley malt from controlled organic cultivation
Save the Date!

Join us on 26.06.2019 at the Altstadthotel Kasererbräu

The guests of the Altstadthotel and the Mozartkino can look forward to a new signature drink – made in Salzburg – from 26.06.2019. 2019 will go down in hotel history as the year in which the beer was developed into the Kaserer “Bräu“ and served. Kasererbräu Managing Director Alexander Krammer sums it up: “This is one of the long lists of highlights to be discovered in Salzburg. And we are addressing travelers and locals alike – just as it has been the custom in this house for centuries“.
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