Highlights and extraordinary locations in Salzburg

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7 amazing locations in Salzburg

22. May 2019 0

You have to see this!

Ready to fall in love? With unique highlights, fascinating history, and breathtaking nature, Salzburg is guaranteed to turn your head. No wonder – after all, Salzburg has been a World Heritage Site since 1979 and has a lot to offer. What shouldn’t you miss under any circumstances? We’ll tell you that in the following! Here are 7 fantastic locations in Salzburg. From classic sights to hip cafés.

Location 1: The Untersberg

A day trip with a wow effect. The Untersberg stretches over Austria and Germany and is a Mecca for nature lovers. Glittering lakes, impressive views, miles of rugged mountains await you! If you are fit, you can climb the summit yourself. The cozy types are up in less than 10 minutes with the Untersbergbahn.

Location 2: The Jazzit

Looking for a party? The Jazzit organizes weekly electro swing parties and many blues and jazz concerts. Here you can end the day or dance your soul out of your body. International and national acts heat up even the biggest dance lover – and the garden and outdoor bar invite you to relax, chat and drink.

Location 3: Friedhof (Cemetery) St. Sebastian

A cemetery as a place of interest? What sounds strange turns out to be a fantastic location. Majestic arcades from the 15th century, weathered tombstones and a unique mausoleum make the Sebastiansfriedhof (and the Sebastianskirche belonging to it) an extraordinary experience.

By the way: Some of the most famous inhabitants of Austria rest here. For example Mozart’s mother, father, and sister, Theophrast von Hohenheim (Paracelsus) or the prince-archbishop Wolf Dietrich.

Location 4: The ice caves

The largest ice caves. In the world are only an hour away from Salzburg. As one of the most amazing locations in Salzburg, everyone is guaranteed to get their money’s worth. The steepest cable car in Austria takes you up to the ice caves – including breathtaking views. Up there a fascinating world of unique ice formations and a 42-kilometer long labyrinth awaits you.

Important: the ice caves are only open to visitors between May and October. Then there are breathtaking guided tours with lantern lighting. Whenever you go, be sure to wear warm clothes. It gets frosty!

Location 5: La Piraña

Latin America in Salzburg! The small restaurant inspires with South American (and inexpensive) specialties, friendly staff, and a relaxed ambiance. Our recommendation? Arepas! From the little corn cakes with different fillings, we could eat the whole day. But shh! – La Piraña is a real insider tip.

Location 6: Mozart’s birthplace

If you say Salzburg, you have to say, Mozart. In Mozart’s birthplace, you can learn more about one of the most famous composers of all time. The house is situated in the picturesque old town of Salzburg and is the most visited tourist attraction in Austria – quite rightly so. Numerous portraits, traditional instruments, and various memorabilia offer a unique insight into the life of the child prodigy.

Location 7: Panorama Museum

The Panorama Museum has only one painting. There’s nothing more to see – and yet you can spend several hours there. Why is that? The museum has enlarged the unique city portrait of the Austrian painter Johann Michael Sattler and placed it on an area of 130m². The painting from 1829 captured the former Salzburg with incredible attention to detail. With telescopes, visitors can discover every corner of the panorama. A visit is definitely worth it!

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