Mozart’s birthplace

On January 27, 1756, Salzburg's boy wonder was born

Distance from the hotel: 0.54km about minutes to walk)

The museum in Mozart’s birthplace

One of the most visited sights in Austria

In 1880, the International Mozart Foundation first established a museum in Mozart’s birthplace. This has been systematically rebuilt and expanded in recent decades. Thus it became a cultural meeting place that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world to Salzburg every year. In Mozart’s birthplace, you will be guided through original Mozart rooms, which include historic instruments, certificates, memorabilia, and the majority of portraits created during his lifetime.

In the “Hagenauer Haus” at Getreidegasse No. 9, Salzburg’s boy wonder was born on January 27, 1756 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Together with his sister “Nannerl” and his parents he lived in this house until 1773. Today, Mozart’s birthplace houses a museum that is open all year round. For a total of 26 years – from 1747 to 1773 – Leopold and Anna Maria Mozart lived on the third floor of the “Hagenauer House” at number 9 Getreidegasse, named after its owner and friend of the Mozarts, the merchant and grocer Johann Lorenz Hagenauer. On January 27, 1756, the now world-famous son Wolfang Amadeus Mozart was born there.

Annual changing special exhibitions

On the second floor of Mozart’s birthplace

The three current exhibitions were set up by the architect and cartoonist of the Salzburger Nachrichten Thomas Wizany. The focus is on original Mozart instruments and authentic portraits. Also on display are Salzburg furniture and objects of daily use from Mozart’s time.

  • “Everyday life of a child prodigy”
  • “Mozart at the Theater”
  • “The Mozarts – a family introduces itself”.

The bourgeois apartment in Mozart’s time as part of the museum. In the rear part of the house, facing Universitätsplatz, a “Bourgeois Apartment in Salzburg in Mozart’s Time” was set up in 1985 in the Mozarts’ former neighboring apartment. In addition to furniture and objects of daily use, three themes are documented: “Mozart and the Salzburg University,” “Mozart’s Friendship with Salzburg Families,” and “Church Music and the Worship of Saints.” Many visitors wonder why there is a small supermarket in this venerable house. Specializing in regional products from Salzburg and very special souvenirs, such as the original Mozartkugeln from the confectionery Fürst. Or the original Augustiner beer, which is otherwise only available at Augustiner Bräu. The supermarket is open every day.

Only very few people know that already in Mozart's time there was a small Greisler in this residential house. Where the Mozart family once shopped is now a very special Spar market