The Mozart Square and the Mozart Monument

The center of the square is the Mozart monument

Distance from the hotel: 0.23km about minutes to walk)

The Bavarian King Ludwig I.

An important patron of the Mozart statue

The Bavarian King Ludwig I also personally contributed a handsome sum and also donated the marble pedestal, which is now in the possession of the Salzburg Museum. Actually, the monument should have been unveiled already in 1841, but chance would have it that during the excavation work a valuable Roman mosaic floor was found:

“hic habitat [felicitas], nihil intret mali”
(Here lives [das Glück], nothing bad occur),

so that the inauguration was delayed until September 4, 1842.

The Mozart Square and the Mozart Monument

The center of the square is the Mozart monument

Mozartplatz was created after the demolition of several houses by Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich. The centerpiece of the square is the Mozart Monument by Ludwig Schwanthaler, whose ceremonial unveiling on September 5, 1842, in the presence of Mozart’s sons. The statue was cast in bronze by Johann B. Stiglmayer in 1842. Mozart’s widow, Constanze von Nissen, did not live to see these celebrations, she died on March 6 of the same year in the house Mozartplatz 8.

The “Antretter House” at Mozartplatz 4

The beautifully structured building from the period between the 16th and 18th century

The landscape chancellor and court war councilor Johann Ernst von Antretter and his wife Maria Anna Elisabeth bought the so-called “Antretter House” at Mozartplatz 4 in September 1765. The Antretter family was closely connected with the Mozart family, for example Cajetan, one of the Antretters’ sons, was a member of the Bölzlschützenkompanie together with the Mozarts, and a daughter of the Antretters belonged to Nannerl Mozart’s “Scholaren”. In addition, the Antretter family commissioned the “Antretter Serenade”, KV 185. Numerous letters and diary entries attest to the friendly relations between the two families.

The poet Georg Trakl was born in the "Schaffner House" on the nearest Waagplatz.