Mozart’s residence

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Salzburg's most famous son

Distance from the hotel: 0.75km about minutes to walk)

The new four walls

For Mozart family

The new spacious apartment offered enough space for meetings with friends and musicians. From 1773 to 1787, 232 letters known to us were written in this house by the Mozart family, a total of 215 arrived here. Many letters are lost or no longer available. In 1778 Mozart’s mother died in Paris, in 1784 Mozart’s sister Nannerl married to St. Gilgen. Leopold now occupied the spacious apartment alone. On July 25, 1785, his grandson Leopold Alois Pantaleon was born here and was left in the care of his grandfather. After Leopold Mozart’s death on May 28, 1787, the house had several owners.

After the apartment in the house where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born became too small for the Mozart family, the whole family moved to the Tanzmeisterhaus on Hannibalplatz in 1773. Today the house houses a museum that shows the stations of the Mozart family and is known as the “Mozart Residence”. Today, no one knows Hannibal Square either. Rather, the marketplace.

The Mozart Residence

After the second world war

On October 16, 1944, two-thirds of the house was destroyed by an aerial bomb. The then owner sold the bombed part to Assicurazioni Generali, which built an office building there, which the International Mozarteum Foundation was able to purchase in 1989. As early as 1955, the International Mozarteum Foundation had acquired the preserved part of the Tanzmeistersaal for museum purposes. The office building was demolished on May 2, 1994, and on May 4 the reconstruction or reconstruction according to old plans began. On January 26, 1996, the Mozart Residence was reopened.

At that time, a dance master played no small role: not only did he teach dancing, but he also prepared the young nobles for court life and knew his way around the difficult court ceremonial.