The Salzburg Cathedral

The most powerful dome in Salzburg

Distance from the hotel: 0.25km about minutes to walk)

Under Bishop Virgil the first building of the Salzburg Cathedral was erected

The old town of Salzburg

This was set on fire in 1167 by followers of Emperor Barbarossa. Archbishop Konrad III of Wittelsbach had the cathedral rebuilt – more imposing than before. In 1598 it was again a fire that destroyed parts of the cathedral. At that time Wolf Dietrich was archbishop of Salzburg. He decided to tear down the remaining walls of the cathedral in order to build a new even more powerful cathedral. But he was never able to realize his building project.

Only two street corners away from the Altstadthotel Kasererbräu stands the Salzburg Cathedral – the colossal building in Salzburg’s old town.

For almost 400 years, the impressive building has shaped the image of the city. Salzburg Cathedral is the visual and spiritual center of Salzburg’s old town. The magnificent facade is also the most famous backdrop of the Salzburg Festival. Hugo von Hofmannsthal could not have found a more imposing setting for his Jedermann than the main facade of Salzburg Cathedral with its four monumental statues: Apostles Peter and Paul and the patron saints Rupert and Virgil.

Due to a salt feud with Bavaria, Wolf Dietrich was imprisoned in Hohensalzburg Fortress by his nephew and successor Markus Sittikus. Markus Sittikus commissioned Santino Solari to build the new cathedral. 14 years later, the early baroque building was completed by Paris Lodron. Even today, the epitaphs next to the high altar bear witness to the builders Lodron and Sittikus. One of the most outstanding furnishings of the Salzburg Cathedral is the baptismal font. It was made in 1321 and is thus older than the cathedral itself. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was baptized at this basin. Joseph Mohr, who penned the Christmas carol “Silent Night”, also received the holy sacrament of baptism at this font.

You can learn even more about Salzburg's history at the Salzburg Museum in the New Residence, directly behind the Salzburg Cathedral, or you can get more information at the reception desk of your Altstadthotel Kasererbräu!