Salzburg State Theater

In the middle of the city of Salzburg theater has been played since the 18th century

Distance from the hotel: 0.82km about minutes to walk)

The history of origins

Also the Mozart family belonged to the theater visitors

In 1775, Prince Archbishop Hieronymus Franz Josef von Colloredo-Mannsfeld had a “Prince Archbishop’s Court Theater” built in place of the Ballhaus, which had been erected in 1625. The building was ceremoniously opened with Christian Heinrich Schmid’s “Die Gunst des Fürsten” and soon – committed to the Enlightenment – Schiller’s dramas were performed. The Mozart family also belongs to the theater visitors and Mozart’s music has been heard in this house since 1776. In 1784, a continuous cultivation of the Mozart repertoire began with the opera “Die Entführung aus dem Serail”.

South of the Mirabell Gardens in the middle of the city of Salzburg, theater has been performed since the 18th century. Even in our days you can experience theater in its full range in the four-part house located here. The Salzburg Landestheater cultivates the great classical repertoire as well as modern and contemporary works. The building, which seats about 1,000, is also used by the Salzburg Festival in the summer for drama performances and occasionally for opera productions.

Salzburg Landestheater today

The theater is directed by Dr. Carl. Philip von Maldeghem

Under the directorship of Lutz Hochstraate from 1986 to 2004, a children’s and youth theater was also added to the three-division house. After an extensive renovation in 2003/04, Peter Dolder took over as director of the Salzburg Landestheater with the 2004/05 season. Since the 2009/10 season, Dr. Carl. Philip von Maldeghem the theater. The program, with its strong contemporary reference, is guided by a “Salzburg dramaturgy” with clear artistic lines. In the field of musical theater, the focus is on operetta and Italian opera as well as on cultivating the Mozart repertoire, discoveries outside the European opera horizon, and baroque and contemporary opera. The principle of integrated children’s and youth theater is held in particularly high regard.

The Landestheater has its own acting, opera and dance ensemble, and the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg serves as the house orchestra.