Initiative "Safe Hospitality" - Hygiene measures and rules

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Our hygiene measures and rules of conduct in the sense of the Corona Pandemic

By participating in the “Safe Hospitality“ initiative of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, we have committed ourselves to adhering to safety and hygiene measures and to enabling our employees to participate regularly and voluntarily in tests for the Covid-19 virus.

CORONA – Hygiene measures and rules of conduct

“Safe Hospitality“ Initiative

Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly! Use generous amounts of soap and wash your hands thoroughly for 20-30 seconds to minimize the risk of infection.

Use disinfectants! In our house you will find numerous possibilities for hand disinfection – protect yourself and your fellow men and disinfect your hands regularly.

Do not shake hands! Instead, give your fellow human beings a friendly smile and reduce the risk of infection for you, our guests and our employees.

Keep your distance! Remember that keeping your distance is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of infection for you and those around you – so always keep sufficient distance.

  • Our staff is tested on Corona-Virus on a weekly basis.
  • Our staff keeps the mandatory minimum distance of one meter to each other and to our guests.
  • Our staff wears cloth face masks in public areas if the minimum distance of one meter to colleagues and guests is not ensured.
  • An acrylic glass pane at the bar and the front desk protects our guests and our employees.
  • Disinfection posts are located in the lobby, at the reception and at the breakfast buffet.
  • Surfaces are cleaned regularly.
  • We ventilate regularly.
  • The rooms are currently not cleaned as standard during your stay. However, our guests can arrange to have their rooms cleaned in the morning on request; let the reception know.
  • Our housekeeping changes cleaning cloths after each room.
  • A mask is required at the breakfast buffet! Please bring your mask with you to breakfast. Furthermore, only 4 people are allowed to be at the buffet; there is a one-way rule.
  • The number of guests at breakfast is regulated by us, so that we can guarantee the 1 meter distance to the neighboring tables.
  • We observe guests and our colleagues for symptoms. In the event of symptoms, our staff will be brought to medical treatment immediately. We ask our guests to isolate themselves immediately if they have symptoms. You can dial 91 on your room telephone and you will be put through to reception. We would be happy to consult a doctor for you.
  • Use the lift alone or with your group of guests with whom you are travelling.

We try to implement the new routines reliably. Help us to observe and speak up to our staff if we overlook the rules of conduct! – Thank you

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